AVG Cleaner for Xperia™

Get avg cleaner for xperia apk download now to spare space, help support performance speed and enhance battery use!

⚡ Clean garbage records, terrible photographs and undesirable applications

⚡ Optimize and broaden battery life

⚡ Remove applications that expend a lot of versatile information

⚡ View terrifically significant information about your gadget on one screen

⚡ Hibernate applications to improve gadget performance

⚡ Boost up speed by force halting RAM chugging applications

With PRO form you get:

💎 Battery Profiles – causes you utilize only the assets you need when at home, work, in a hurry or when battery level is low

💎 No in-application promotion show

With avg cleaner for xperia apk download you can screen and clean garbage records, awful photographs and undesirable applications to account for the stuff you truly need and help support performance speed.

Store Cleaner:

👍 Clean pointless stored memory running out of sight

Photograph Cleaner:

👍 Automatically distinguish awful, comparable and copy photographs

👍 Review the photographs you need to keep

* Your security is imperative to us! We don’t store nor share any of your photographs

Application Manager:

👍 Monitor and expel applications by capacity, RAM, battery or portable information utilization

👍 Get week by week alarms about once in a while utilized applications and pick whether you keep them or not

Battery Saver and Optimizer:

👍 Save control by observing which assets are devouring battery life and switch off the ones you needn’t bother with

👍 Use our Battery Profiles PRO component to spare battery power and utilize just the assets you need by picking between “Low Battery”, “Home”, “Work” and “Vehicle” profiles

avg cleaner for xperia apk download runs programmed cleaning registration and tells you when it’s all set. This component runs ordinary cleaning registration of your reserve, history, documents and photographs and tells you what else you can securely expel. Simply set it up to run at a recurrence you like, contingent upon your use level and accessible space.

Clean up your telephone and free up space to assist it with running speedier and support up speed. Evacuate undesirable reserve, awful photographs and other pointless records to make more extra room accessible for new photographs, applications and whatever else you need.

Get avg cleaner for xperia apk download now for nothing!

By introducing/refreshing this application, you concur that your utilization of it is represented by these terms:

This application utilizes Accessibility consent to help impaired and different clients stop all foundation applications with only one tap.

Xperia™ is a trademark or enrolled trademark of Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

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