CNC lathe senior engineer

CNC lathe senior engineer

Suzhou – Industrial Park   |   5-7 Years Experience   |   Junior College   |   Posted on 09-23

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Job information

  • Proficient debugging and operation of full-featured CNC lathes . Machining stainless steel parts. ( Main equipment : FANUC control system , 10″ chuck , DOOSAN or Taichung Seiki’s slant bed CNC lathe and turn-mill compound lathe )
  • Learning and operation of CNC machining center .
  • Learning and operation of other simple machine tools and types of work such as drilling machines, sawing machines, marking machines, assembly, cleaning, etc.
  • Efficient implementation of daily activities of front-line teams, such as 5S , CIP ( continuous improvement activities ) , etc.
  • Other work within your ability.



Professional Experience and Requirements

  • Technical school or above college is preferred graduated with a major in mechanical manufacturing and numerical control Have a senior or technician certificate , be able to read the drawings of mechanical parts correctly and proficiently . The mathematical foundation must be solid .
  • At least years experience in programming , debugging , and operation of FANUC or SIEMENS full-function CNC lathes medium size . Understand the cutting characteristics of ordinary stainless steel . Be proficient in the formulation of CNC lathe processing technology, the selection of tools , and the setting of cutting parameters .
  • Has a strong sense of quality , works meticulously and rigorously , and can strictly abide by various quality control rules . It is good to have experience in using a roughness meter a projector or a three-coordinate meter .
  • Strictly implement the company’s rules and regulations.
  • Serious and careful work practical responsible , and self- motivated Be sincere and good at learning . Have the spirit of enduring hardships first and enjoying pleasures later . Those with front-line team management experience are preferred .
  • Can read simple English drawings and technical documents.
  • Can adapt to overtime and shift work .


Functional category:other

working address

Working address:No. 8, Dongchang Road

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GEA Group is the world’s leading supplier of equipment and process technology, dedicated to providing innovative solutions for smart food processing and more efficient use of energy. Its business involves animal husbandry, dairy products, food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. industry. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, the group has established more than 250 operating companies in more than 50 countries, with a market value of more than 9 billion euros, annual sales of more than 4.5 billion euros, and more than 18,000 employees worldwide.
GEA Cold Engineering Equipment Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is committed to the sales of pharmaceutical professional equipment; oil refining, chemical production special equipment sales: refrigeration, air-conditioning equipment sales: mechanical equipment sales: technical services, technical development, technical consultation, technical exchange, technology Transfer, technology promotion; electronic, mechanical equipment maintenance (excluding special equipment); general mechanical equipment installation services; general equipment repair; non-residential real estate assembly; technology import and export; pharmaceutical special equipment manufacturing; food, wine, beverage and tea production Special equipment manufacturing; industrial automatic control system device manufacturing; refrigeration; air-conditioning equipment manufacturing; general equipment manufacturing (excluding special equipment manufacturing) special equipment manufacturing (excluding licensed professional equipment manufacturing); mechanical equipment research and development; industrial engineering design services, etc. Here we warmly welcome you to join our GIA family!

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