Childhood is back, “Monopoly” classic characters from all dynasties participate in “Monopoly 11” again

Daewoo Information recently announced that its 30-year-old well-known game “Monopoly” will soon launch a new series of “Monopoly 11”, in which many classic characters from the past will appear in this work. Shared memories are coming back!

“Monopoly 11” has as many as 14 characters for players to choose from the first release. All the classic characters of the past dynasties are in the starting lineup, among them the beloved “Sun Xiaomei”; the honest and honest “A Tubo”; the lively and lovely “Jin” “Babe”; the cheerful “Little Danny”… and many other star characters gathered.


In addition to the original costume, each character in this work also has multiple costumes for players to choose freely.


In addition, all the characters in “Monopoly 11” have their own transportation, fight side by side with Umi and friends in the forest, or choose to ride a toy car with Jin Beibei to enjoy “Monopoly 11”, Feel free to dress up your own Monopoly classic character.


“Monopoly 11” will be officially launched on Nintendo Switch and Steam in Q4 2022. For more information, please follow the official fan group of “Monopoly 11” .

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