Alienware Aurora R15 New Flagship Gaming Desktop PC

In order to continue to create a top-level gaming experience, Alienware has launched the newly upgraded Aurora R15 flagship gaming-specific desktop computer.

Creating the Most Immersive Gaming Experience – Alienware Aurora

The new Alienware Aurora R15 flagship gaming desktop is powered by the latest 13th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX® 40 series graphics cards, and a host of system updates to dramatically improve computer performance.

To enhance thermal efficiency while ensuring top performance [i] , we have configured the following advanced features for all 13th Gen Intel® Core K series specifications:

  • 240mm water cooling system, optional upgrade to 240mm Cryo-Tech™ cooling technology
  • Five 120mm fans: a set of 240mm LC components are installed at the top to serve as dual exhaust fans, an exhaust fan is added at the rear, and two intake fans are installed at the front
  • Honeycomb side vents for additional airflow
  • 12-phase processor voltage regulation for extended peak performance
  • Voltage regulators, heatsinks on motherboard to help ensure full cooling
  • 80 Plus Platinum rated power supply for excellent power efficiency
  • Memory speed increased to DDR5 4800MHz (or MT/s)
  • Defined memory architecture supports highest speed UDIMMs for faster performance

Five 120mm fans (three exhausts and two intakes) help air flow and improve computer cooling performance

(The picture on the left is the water cooling system; the picture on the right is the Cryo-Tech™ cooling technology)

Through the upgrade function, the processor power is increased by 58% [ii] , and the performance increase is double-digit [iii] , while the CPU operating temperature is reduced by 5˚C. In addition, our new cooling strategy helps improve system airflow by up to 19%, reduce noise by up to 66% under CPU-intensive workloads, and reduce noise by 9% under GPU-intensive workloads. [iv]

(For more information on Alienware’s thermal design principles and the standards we follow, see here .)

The internal architecture of the Alienware Aurora R15 has been updated through design to support more power and higher wattage. From the cooling components to the layout of the UDIMM slots, performance and gaming experience are prioritized

The Aurora R15 is designed to support NVIDIA’s flagship GeForce RTX® 4090 graphics card with a power supply of up to 1350W (up from 1000W in the previous generation). On the graphics card side, we’ve also resized the graphics card slots to accommodate larger graphics card designs (up to 3x wider). In addition to offering NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-series and 30-series GPUs, the Aurora R15 also supports AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 series graphics cards, perfect for the first QD-OLED AMD FreeSync™ display.

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